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Why Shorex.RU?

Enjoy your time in St Petersburg, Russia with a local independent tour-operator for cruise passengers, Shorex.RU. Our fully licensed company (licence MBT004241), registered as independent tour operator, provide low-cost NON-visa shore excursions. Our philosophy is to offer you good quality at fair prices. That's why we work hard to reduce your costs. We have an excellent relationship with port authorities, including local immigration, customs offices and local authorities, enhancing our smooth operational procedures.

Our philosophy can be described in one simple phrase: "More nice - Less price". It means providing exceptional service for fair price. And these are not just words. Have a look:


With our quality-control system, we guarantee you complete satisfaction. Our high standard innovative shore excursion services include:

- Visa-free support and insurance packages

- Best city tour-guides (20 languages, rare non-European languages - on request), just for you

- Personal cruise-manager at your entire disposal, 24/7

- Total flexibility when preparing your program and during your tour - you and only you choose and modify your itinerary

- Personalized tours, which fit your special needs (cultural, LGBT, Jewish, handicapped, etc.)

- Operative office and pier-representatives in the "Marine Façade" terminal in order to solve any kind of problem (Mon-Sun)

- Modern western-style air-conditioned transport

- Audio headsets, so you can hear your guide in all conditions (for groups of 7 persons or more)

- Free wi-fi in your bus/minivan and/or cruise-ship terminal (for selected tours only)

- Free bottled fresh spring water onboard

- Free informational materials, maps so you can follow along while on canal cruise or on the city tours, gifts for everyone

- Local newspapers in your language (in case of availability) to give a feeling and sense of the community

- Free rain protective ponchos or umbrellas, in case of rain

- Personal promise, that we will be back to the ship on-time, no matter what circumstances may arise

- Money-back guarantee (no questions asked) if you are not 100% satisfied


Why our prices are so low? It is a vicious circle.

We make our prices lower to get more clients
Having more clients means get cheaper offers and better services from museums, restaurants, guides, transport companies, port authorities
Cheaper offers give us possibility to make our prices even lower
We make our prices lower to get more clients

We don't require deposit for your booking - you can pay for your tour here in Russia, in cash or credit card (without any hidden commissions). Once you pay, you will get a receipt, otherwise we will give you money back.

We offer discounts for CruiseCritic and TripAdvisor members (5%), minors (0-6 years old, 100%), schoolchildren (7-12 years old, 15%) teens (13-18 years old, 15%), ISIC card holders (15%), seniors (55+ years old, 5%), early-birds and for those, who pay in advance with the credit-card (5%).

Remember, that touring with us, you pay exactly what you get. Our tours aren't overpriced, as you don't pay for what you don't need, all the "extras" you get for free as a compliment from us.

We are absolutely flexible - you and only you decide on your itinerary. You can even change your itinirary on arrival.

If you have any questions to us about our programmes, prices, etc., feel free to contact us.

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