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Russian Visa

If you book with Shorex.RU, visas are not required for the tour. We will supply you with electronic e-tour-tickets, which are your pass through the customs/immigration offices without any problem.


Your ship will be docked in the port which is a customs zone what explains why the access to the port area is limited. However, you will be met by your guide together with your driver and vehicle inside the port, just few steps from the ship. The guide will have a sign Shorex.RU or a name of the participant of the group or name of the group if you have it. It will help to recognize each other very fast.

According to the Russian law regarding the non-visa cruise passengers the proper documentation is: 1) A valid passport, 2) A migration card, 3) A proof of your participation in an escorted tour program arranged by a licensed and authorized operator. Item #1 you shall provide yourself, item #3 will be provided by cruiseline or by immigration office and item #3 will be provided by Shorex.RU. It is our personalized e-tour-ticket.


Your guide and driver will be with you throughout the entire day and at the end of the tour you will be driven back to the ship. The tour is very flexible and if some requested changes are possible your guide will do his or her best to accommodate them.


You have 2 options to pay:

  1. You can pay on arrival in cash or by credit-card VISA or MasterCard, using our POS-terminal. If you pay with credit card, we will charge the sum of payment for the tour from your credit card in Rubles (local currency). All the credit-card operations in Russia must be done in Rubles because of the Russian law. The currency exchange rate will be established according to the current rates of the State Central Bank. We don't charge any commission for paying with your credit-card, however your bank might charge you commission for conversion.

  2. You can pay all the amount beforehand using your credit card. This will guarantee you the tour and you will get 5% discount. You can split the payment.

You can cancel your reservation until up to 10 days before the tour. The full amount will be credited back to your account. Cancelling the tour 10 days before your arrival you will have to pay the 20% penalty.

Each of the couples/parties in your group are very welcome to pay separately and choose the method that would be the most suitable for them.

To book the tour, please supply us with the following passport information:

  1. Full name as in your passport
  2. Date of birth
  3. Passport No
  4. Name of your ship
  5. Citizenship

This information will be used solely for issuing the tour tickets for your group - your permission to disembark the ship without tourist visas. Tour ticket is the document used by all tourists without visas, including those attending the ship sponsored tours. Besides the tickets, this information is supplied to the immigration office where the list of visa-less tourists is formed.

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